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Spring Special!

Alpaca's for Sale!!!

Champion Genetics at a unbelievable price... Come check out the Pen Sale & Learn all about Alpacas!
April 30th & May 1st 2016...

Please call us to schedule a memorable tour of our farm and learn all about alpacas and how gentle, lovable these cute amazing animals are.

Do you own any alpaca's or alpaca clothes? Are you looking for some Alpacas or natural alpaca yarn, gloves, scarves, cowls, or maybe our famous alpaca socks? we have it all in our Local Farm Store in Snohomish county.
Whether it's a alpaca or a hat we can fit it in your Car!

Please call today to schedule your visit... 360-651-2647

Farm to Table Dinner And Education Days May 21-22 2016
Look what they did to me!

Tegan Granddaughter & Hugging Jar Jar Binks 2015

Producing hard crafted Products from all natural animal & plant fibers

Have you been thinking about a lifestyle change?
Maybe a mini farm with a few cute alpacas, chickens, or a goat or two...
Lets talk Alpaca & Fiber Farming!
Join us for a day filled with fun, learning and lots of Alpacas...

April 30 & May 1st 2016
Alpaca Community Pen Sale
Come learn about alpaca’s & their fiber
Alpacas will be from local farms…
All Registered breeding stock, pets, fiber animals all from
Award-winning bloodlines
Fibershed Shearing Event
Schedule your alpaca/s to be sheared!
Shearing, clip nails & trim teeth $ 35.00 each alpaca

Event Hosted
9506 -131st Ave NE Lake Stevens, WA 98258
360-651-2647 Marlene
360-708-0083 Laura

If you love alpacas, like we love alpacas then stop in for some alpaca kisses…

Who Owns Alpacas:
There are many reasons why so many people across the United States are investing into alpacas.
Alpaca ownership patterns are not as distinguishable as in other livestock industries. People of widely diverse lifestyles are attracted singularly to alpacas, with many different motives for ownership. As recognition grows, so does the number of people who find this unique creature to be a brilliant source of income and the right fit for their lifestyle. Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) reports the following list of typical owners:
Entire families
Young couples with children
Retired couples
Doctors & Nurses
Horse lovers
Families where one spouse works and the other manages the farm
City Dwellers who “agist” (board) alpacas

Today we have many fashion designers that are using alpaca fiber. If you don't put chemicals in your body why would you wear them!

Payment plans must be for alpacas over $ 2000.00
20% Down - 0% interest for 12 months
20% Down - 4% interest for 24 months
20% Down - 6% interest for 36 months
We are happy to discuss longer financing on an individual basis, depending upon the amount financed and number of animals purchased. All buyers must arrange their own transporter for moving purchased alpacas.
You must carry Insurance while financing.
*Financing not available for Fiber /companion animals*